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Thamssu Video Songs

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Thamssu Video Songs

Thamassu Movie Song Karagadiru

Thamassu Movie songs . Thamassu kannada movie is directed by Agni Sridhar. Shivarajkumar, Padma Priya are in the lead role.
Manikath Kadri is the music director.
Karagadiru song lyric is from agni sridhar and sung by roop kumar rathod

Thamassu Movie Song - Nannanena

Thamassu Movie Song Nannanena

Thamassu Audio Release Photos

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Thamassu as Shivrajkumar
The Thamassu Audio Launch was in Hotel Citadel, Bangalore./
It was an outstanding audio release event of ‘Thamassu’
The invitees stood on both the sides of the huge hall in the jam packed. Huge Media people and great personalities for the Audio Launch of Thamssu from Agni Sridhar

Photos By Veena Narasasetty

Thamassu Photo Gallery

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This April 17th Thamssu Audio launch And Film will be releasing on 30th of April if not 7th of May.

Thamassu Photo Gallery

Right now shooting is in last stages of post processing,
Mr Sandeep chowta doing re-recording for the film

Thamassu as Shivrajkumar

Story: Agni sreedhar
screen play: Agni sreedhar
Direction: Agni sreedhar
cinematographer: Sundarnath suvarna
Art director: Shashidhar hadappa
producer: syed Amen
Sandeep chowta is the music director, lyrics by Sreedhar sir and his daughter Ramya sreedhar

Mr Agni Sreedhar's as Director, Incredible, intense, serious and meaningful movie presented for entire karnataka,
very soon film will be hitting the theaters. Enjoy :-)See More Photos By Veena Narasasetty'

Thamassu FIlm Videos

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Thamassu Video.

Story, Screenplay and Direction by Mr Agni Sreedhar
Music Director: Sandeep chowta
Cinematographer: Sundarnath Suvarna
Art Director: Shasidhar hadapa
Lyrics: Agni Sreedhar and his Daughter Ramya sreedhar
Producer: Syed Amen

Agni Sridhar speaks

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Has the film media has got the strength to remove ‘Andhakaara’ of masses. It has the strength when it is properly put in the channel. That is what Agni Sridhar the writer, editor, thinker and philosopher in his own way is up to in ‘Thamassu’ starring hat trick hero Shivarajakumar and Mallu girl Padmapriya in the lead roles.

Agni Sridhar speaks like wild fire sometimes knows how to put the things in his mind precisely. The disbelief in him that ‘Janapara movements’ not yielding results and the religion is also used for wrong step has irked him. The required progress is not happening and reach is becoming impossible. The violence is used as tool and the system is also tucked in wrong notions he says. So he brings in an encounter believing cop in his film ‘Thamassu’. For this protagonist the human right comes as a stumbling block. In his own the protagonist faces the opposition. The point of hate crime but not criminals is fed to protagonist by his wife. Agni Sridhar explaining the turns and twists he has made for his debut direction says he is inspired from a Hindu-Muslim incident aftermath of Gujarat communal riot. Today Allah and Srirama are used for ‘Saithani’ type of work.

A Hindu youth take refuge in a Muslim family with some ulterior motives. He refines himself in the end by taking a dip in the Ganga River is an interesting factor for Agni Sridhar. He is shooting in Bangalore in one schedule. According to Shivarajakumar this is anger cum peace filled role. The magnificent style of narration by Agni Sridhar is what impressed him. This is a class commercial formula film. I have got the full satisfaction to perform said Shivanna. The role does not carry any mercy. Somewhat egoist in nature that has sentiment issues tucked in it stated Shivarajakumar.

The first Kannada film presentation is good and Shivarajakumar role is emotionally complex one said 21 films talented Mallu girl Padmapriya.

Jai Jagdish as commissioner, Sharat Lohitashva as terrorist and Asif are in the cast. Sandeep Chowta scores the music and Sundarnath Suvarana is the cameraman.

Source : From CTara

Padmapriya Intersted giving her own voice for the film

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Padmapriya, who has finished shooting for Shivaraj Kumar-starrer Kannada film “Thamassu” directed by Agni Sridhar, says she is interested in dubbing in her own voice for the film.

“I have completed the shooting of the film and I am extremely happy about my experience. I play the role of an advocate who believes in ‘ahimsa’ (non-violence) and the law of the land.”

“The director (Sridhar) has written very strong dialogues in some scenes. I am really interested to deliver these dialogues in my own voice. I really think the film deserves my voice, but everything depends on how I will deliver my goods while dubbing for the film,” says Padmapriya.

Five of her films in Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil will be released in the next three-four months. The films include “Thamassu,”


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What Agni Sridhar has said he has done it! Remember the Kallara Santhe Audio release. He came forward and announced to direct a film starring Shivarajakumar to face stiff oppositions. He is now up to that task. It is the duty of every Kannadiga to stand behind Agni Sridhar to make ‘Thamassu’ a whopping success.

Agni Sridhar allowing persons like KM Chaitanya and Sumana Kittur to become director is now taking up the direction job that is much easier for a person like him. A tremendously intelligent guy he is.

‘Thamassu’ meaning Kaththale, Mabbu, Andhakara, darkness, murkiness, agnana, ignorance, nescience – will be a new kind of cinema for super star Shivarajakumar. – let it be ‘Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya’.

Sundarnath Suvarana is the cameraman and Sandeep Chowta is the music director. Huli Chandrasekhar the veteran director is the assistant director. Nazar, Asif, Harchika, Sudha Belawadi and Sathya are in the cas
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